A new book by Renzo Cresti on European Musics from the beginning of the XX century until today.

Sunday 20th December at 5.30 pm Renzo Cresti’s new book will be presented, for the first time, at the Auditorium of the Fondazione Banca del Monte in Piazza San Martino, Lucca. Hinting at Jane Austen’s famous novel, the title of the book, published by LIM, is Ragioni e sentimenti nelle musiche europee dall’inizio del Novecento a oggi (Sense and Sensibilities in European Musics from the Beginning of the Twentieth Century Until Today). The book presentation is part of the calendar of events organized by Cluster, the Lucchese Association of Contemporary Music, and is organized in collaboration with the Lucca Province, the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Laboratorio Brunier and Music & More Association.

The book represents a new updated reading of the period by one of the most eminent experts on Twentieth century and contemporary music. Dealing with a century of revolutions in the musical techniques and ways of expression, it clarifies important issues such as the writing methods and sound choices of the great national and international composers. The 800-page book also includes an outlook on Jazz music, pop music, electronic music and much more.

After a brief introduction by representatives of the local Authorities, Renzo Cresti will explain the content of his book.

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