Cantilena antiqua with Concentus Lucensis

The Sagra Musicale Lucchese programme presents on Sunday 3rd, (9.15 pm, St. Martino Cathedral) a show, Cantilena Antiqua, with Concentus Lucensis directed by Stefano Albarello who also wrote the words. It’s a story about the Volto Santo (Holy Face) in Lucca’s cathedral and is based on fifteenth and sixteenth century documents and music. Participating is Concentus Lucensis’ Laboratorio InCanto accompanied by Linda Severi (flute and shawm), Elisa Severi and Francesco Tognelli (Vielle), Dante Bernardi (dulcimer), Mirko Giuntini and Stefano Albarello (portable organ), with Ugo Manzini (narrator). Free admittance.