On 1st June, the Cartoline Pucciniane (‘Puccini Postcards’) summer events of Puccini arias, duets, and ensembles, with piano accompaniment, begin. These are promoted and produced by the Teatro del Giglio and the Giacomo Puccini Foundation. The concerts are enjoyed so much by both tourists and those living in Lucca that in recent years the audience number has increased from 440 in 2015 to 780 in 2016. There’s an average of five shows per year. The Puccini recitals take place in Piazza Cittadella square, right in front of the house where Puccini was born in 1858 and which now houses the Puccini Museum.

Fourth ‘cartolina’ on 24th August at 6 pm with a selection from Tosca.

Tickets for the Cartoline Pucciniane cost 10 euros.

For bookings and sales please contact the Giglio Theatre’s Box Office (tel 0583.465320 – email

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