The “Laboratory Brunier” Artistic Cultural Association presents “Questione di… Stili 2015” for the Lucchese September. It’s about musical genres and styles by the musicologist Renzo Cresti. This is its fifth year and there are three events highlighting the artistic excellence of Lucca’s musical history.

The concert on Friday September 18th  at 9 pm, in the Ademollo Hall, Palazzo Ducale, will be dedicated to Gaetano Luporini, an important composer and musical director of Lucca from 1902 to 1936, with his music together with Giovanni Pacini, founder in 1842, of Lucca’s famous music school which bore his name until it was changed in 1943 to “Luigi Boccherini”. The evening’s program ends with another great Luccan musician: Alfredo Catalani. The concert will be presented by Renzo Cresti and will be attended by Gaetano Giani Luporini, grandson of Gaetano Luporini. Soprano Roberta Ceccotti, mezzo-soprano Maria Bruno and bass Graziano Polidori perform arias from the opera and chamber music repertoire of the three composers accompanied by pianist Loredana Bruno. The event is organized in collaboration with the City and the Province of Lucca and Lucca’s CRL and BML Foundations.