The “Città di Camaiore” Organ Festival, organized by the “Marco Santucci” Association and included in the rich program of the Federation of Musical Associations of Lucca, is now in its twenty-first year. In addition to the new Badia organ there will also be concerts on the organs of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of St. Lazzaro (the friars) and the parish Church of Casoli, continuing the journey undertaken with the guidance of Don Angelo Bevilacqua. All concerts begin at 9.15 pm, Ticket are Euros 5, except for the concert on July 28th which is free.
The first concert is on Monday, 11 July, in the Church of the Badia where the organist is Lorenzo Ghielmi, surely one of the most famous Italian artists and appreciated internationally. His presence takes on a special significance for the festival because in December of 1995 it was Ghielmi who inaugurated the Badia organ after collaborating with its builders (Mascioni Family) in finalizing the instrument’s registers and intonation.

3) L Ghielmi