From February to May Animando, the music promotion centre, is presenting further events in the “eighteenth century music in Lucca” project. There’s a round table, a film, an evening of baroque dance and five concerts. Naturally there will be performances by Lucca composers such as Francesco Barsanti, Francesco Geminiani, Luigi Boccherini, with the focus on Giacomo Puccini senior, towards whose full appreciation animando’s artistic director, Silvano Pieruccini, has been working for some years. In addition, there will be works by other baroque composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Tartini, Giovan Battista Viotti, from Bologna (where Francesco Manfredini from Pistoia trained) to Tommaso Traetta from Naples. Free admission.

Monday, May 16th, at 9.15 pm, at the Church of San Pietro Somaldi there’s a concert entitled, “Itinerario Pucciniano”. The evening’s program includes the “Te Deum” for choir and orchestra; “Vexilla” for soloists, chorus and orchestra; the “mottettone of the Holy Cross” for double choir and orchestra by Giacomo Puccini Senior (January 16, 1712 – May 16th 1781, see photo) in commemoration of his anniversary.
Woodwind quintet (transcription by Silvano Pieruccini)
Soprano, Alessandra Rossi
Mezzo-soprano, Laura Masini
Tenor Claudio Sassetti – Bass Marco Simonelli
Baroque choir
Conductor, Silvano Pieruccini

4) Giacomo Puccni senior