After a September of ‘Open Gold’ events and the first Boccherini Festival, the Boccherini Open concerts for 2016 return.

Wednesday, October 12, at 9 pm, in the auditorium of the Istituto Musicale “L. Boccherini” concert with twelve musicians simultaneously using the piano’s  entire tonal range, on this occasion also used as a percussion instrument, for a truly special occasion.
Music by A. Yossifov, P. Corrado, A. Talmelli, L. De Luca
Pianists: Giuseppe Aprea, Rosario Ariosto, Francesco Capozzi, Lorenzo Corrado, Giuseppe Leone, Lorenzo Pascucci, Scognamiglio Luca, Emily Previte, Antonella Giovannelli, Giosuè Salzillo, Angela Nocera, Antonello Cipriani.

Free admission