On Saturday, November 10th at 7.30 PM, in the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio at Vorno (Lucca), Fabrizio Ottaviucci performs an “8-8-88 la porta dell’infinito” (“the door of the infinite”) piano recital of music by Giacinto Scelsi, on the thirtieth anniversary of the composer’s death. The program includes Suite IX, Ttai (1953) and Suite X, Ka (1954) both composed in the central period of Scelsi’s life and inspired by metaphysical concepts.

The first piece (“Pace”) relates to the movement of time. The second (“Essenza”) is based on variations on the answers to this question.

The recital is part of the “Della morte e del morire” (“Of death and dying”) theme presented by the Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio, with director and artist Cecilia Bertoni, in the performance space of the Tenuta di Vorno (Lucca).

From September 2018 to December 2019, there’s a packed programme of exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops, residencies, scientific meetings and discussions and activities for children, focusing on an individual’s  relationship with death.

The event includes winners of an international competition for artists in every artistic aspect. This involves over five hundred projects – alongside the creations and productions of the Compagnia Dello Scompiglio, meetings, exhibitions and guest shows.

INFO: Tel 0583 971125

Fabrizio Ottaviucci
Fabrizio Ottaviucci