The “Laboratory Brunier” Artistic Cultural Association presents “Questione di… Stili 2015” for the Lucchese September. It’s about musical genres and styles by the musicologist Renzo Cresti. This is its fifth year and there are three events highlighting the artistic excellence of Lucca’s musical history.

On Sunday 20th in the Ademollo Hall, at 5.30 pm there’s the first event of the day (the second is at 9 pm). It is a round table entitled “Conservazione Viva”. The event, organized in collaboration with the “Archimedes” Association, will focus on the conservation of musical archives and is introduced by Renzo Cresti. After greetings of City of Lucca representatives, the Head of the Maria Pia Mencacci Music School and representatives from CRL and BML foundations of Lucca, there will be papers by Benedetto Benedetti, Antonio Romiti, Walter Rinaldi and a  delegation from Modica composed with Loredana Vernuccio, Fabio Bruno, Orazio Di Giacomo and Giorgio Belluardo, who will talk about the relationship between Lucca and Modica, the music of the two city high schools and the re-emergence of Gaetano Luporini and Pietro Floridia. At the round table’s conclusion there’s a buffet for all participants. In honour of the Modica delegation piano pieces from “In the Country” by Pietro Floridia will be performed. The event is organized in collaboration with the City and the Province of Lucca and Foundations CRL and BML of Lucca