Cluster, Lucca’s Association of contemporary music founded in 2009, is presenting its spring season with some great happenings thanks to the Fondazione Banca Del Monte di Lucca. There will be twenty-five events (with forty premières by Cluster members), some of which are connected to exchanges with other countries, exporting the Lucchese musical scene of most of its forty member- composers such as the start to the season at Stuttgart on 29th January. There are exchanges with Germany, USA, Japan and even San Marino. Staying in the international field, there’s the first competition in the music world for writing unconventional scores (true graphic works of art). Entries will be exhibited in the Sala Staffieri of Palazzo Ducale from 26th March to 10th May (see advertising banners on the home page). The presentations of music books (“Cluster Books“) also continue with four appointments at LuccaLibri and the novelty of “Cluster Young” which includes a concert organized and managed by the Cluster group of young composers.
Lastly, there are the close partnerships with the Porcari SPAM, Sinfonia School, Jam School, the FAI and the Lucca Film Festival.
All Cluster events are free admission.

On Saturday, April 9th, at 5.30 pm, in Cantignano Abbey there’s a concert organized in collaboration with FAI and the ‘ExclusIVe Saxophone Quartet (see photo). The programme includes repertoire pieces as well as world premières of works by Cluster members Federica Gennai, Antonio Bellandi and Edoardo Dinelli.

5) Quartetto saxofoni